Eat Me: Fear & Food

Finally I decided to develop a series of images that would work as a homage to Food in the Horror genre, entitled Eat Me: Fear & Food.

The first image I wanted to reproduce was the box of noodles turned to worms in The Lost Boys.


I wanted the images to have some fun with it as it was a homage and not an exact recreation and decided to make the images quite stylized, almost like movie posters.

The first trick was getting the correct type of take away food box, which proved trickier than i expected as these type of boxes are a lot more popular in the states than they are in the uk. After searching unsuccessfully online (well Amazon had some but way more than i needed and at the cost of £15.99) i put a shout out to my friends on Facebook.

It turns out the Chinese restaurant just 5 minutes from my house sells certain dishes in these boxes so i nipped round to see if i could buy a couple, explaining it was for a photography project and they happily let me have two for a just a pound.


I did a few test shots and messed around with the lighting and then investigated where i could get the stars of the show from. The worms! as it was nearly Halloween I considered toy ones and jelly worm sweets but decided i needed live worms for the best image. These were surprisingly easy to get as my local pet shop stocks them as live food. At least this way I could release them into the wild after their photo shoot and save them from being eating alive.




Back to the glitch


I’ve had a bit of a break from creating for the past few months as I’ve been quite busy with work but I’ve started trying to set aside a few hours at the weekend to get back into making glitch art with some of my photos.

I really enjoy photo moshing and glitching images. I love how you can take an image and morph and manipulate it to tell a different story. I kind of relate it to the current spate of #fakenews and looking at how the media has been accused of using photographs recently, taking an image out of context and putting a slightly different spin on it to paint an untruth.

The image above is a photo I took at ‘Coventry Dreaming’, a performance dance piece that centered around a bed in IKEA, as part of Coventry’s Shop Front Festival.

I’ve distorted the image to look at relationships and togetherness. Where does one person end and the other begin and what personality do we present to lovers vs friends/work colleagues and then the aura around them represents hopes/dreams for the future and hopes/dreams lost and compromised.

I hope to develop a series of my glitches images to put on exhibition somewhere one day, possibly even for next year’s FMP.

Call For Work

I was feeling hugely inspired after the Emerging Art, Emerging Place talk at the CET and two night later the organizers released this:


I’ve been saying since New Year that I need to get my work ‘out there’ more – where ever ‘there’ is!

And I felt like this was just the push I needed. So I’ve set about choosing 5 images of my work.

I’ll show you them in the next blog post.