Stage Lighting & Sound: The Cherry Orchard

I have decided to set my stage for Act 2 in The Cherry Orchard.

The open country. An old shrine, long abandoned and fallen out of the perpendicular; near it a well, large stones that have apparently once been tombstones, and an old garden seat. The road to Gaev’s house is seen. On one side rise dark poplars; and there the cherry orchard begins. In the distance a row of telegraph poles and far, far away on the horizon there is faintly outlined a great town, only visible in very fine clear weather. It is near sunset. Charlotta, Yasha and Dunyasha are sitting on the seat. Epihodov is standing near, playing something mournful on a guitar. All sit plunged in thought. Charlotta wears an old forage cap; she has taken a gun from her shoulder and is tightening the buckle on the strap.



Today we had our first look at stage lighting and it reminded me how impressed I’d been with the lighting in last year’s Christmas episode of Sherlock Holmes.

The Abominable Bride was both confusing and a little bizarre. There were so many back and forths through time that I half expected the tardis to appear and the doctor to jump out. But what amazing lighting!!!!! This combined with some beautiful juxtaposition of actors, furniture and props made for some really stunning scenes.

Who was the cinematographer?

Here are a few of my favourite scenes:

Mycroft’s study.



the underground cloisters.

reflections on the carriage window viewing sherlock and watson.

reflections on sherlocks face before moriarty appears.