Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me To Hell features a brilliant scene with a slice of Harvest Cake that develops an eye ball and eventually is stabbed in it and bleeds everywhere.



Although it’s kinda gross I felt sorry for the cake in this film so I wanted to recreate this image with the fork approaching and the cake somehow looking scared.

I also not sure how tasty harvest cake looks so decided to replace it with chocolate fudge cake as this is quite a popular cake and I figured it would be more distressing for people to see a cake they really enjoy eating with an eye looking out of it.

I  ordered some fake eyes off of Amazon (they really do sell everything) and set about trying to install the eyeball in the cake realistically. This was far harder then I had imagined and took me nearly an hour of icing and cake tool trickery to get it looking anything like the screen version.

I added golden syrup at the corners of the eye to make it look more gloopy and wet and then set up the lighting.

After the shoot I was worried I might not have got things right so decided to keep the cake in the fridge for a few days incase I needed to do another shoot.

Fingers crossed no one else looks in the fridge 🙂



End of The World

Interested in exploring a metaphorical end of the world.

End of a relationship.
The death of someone close to you.
Loss of a job.
The closing of a chapter of your life.
Moving to somewhere new.

All of these things can feel devastating to us and like our personal world has come to an end.

Immediately a short story I wrote in first year came to mind. It was called Hide and Seek and explored the moment in a young girls life when she suddenly realised how to move her life forward and close a very difficult chapter of her life in a rather permanent way.

Eat Me: Fear & Food

Finally I decided to develop a series of images that would work as a homage to Food in the Horror genre, entitled Eat Me: Fear & Food.

The first image I wanted to reproduce was the box of noodles turned to worms in The Lost Boys.


I wanted the images to have some fun with it as it was a homage and not an exact recreation and decided to make the images quite stylized, almost like movie posters.

The first trick was getting the correct type of take away food box, which proved trickier than i expected as these type of boxes are a lot more popular in the states than they are in the uk. After searching unsuccessfully online (well Amazon had some but way more than i needed and at the cost of £15.99) i put a shout out to my friends on Facebook.

It turns out the Chinese restaurant just 5 minutes from my house sells certain dishes in these boxes so i nipped round to see if i could buy a couple, explaining it was for a photography project and they happily let me have two for a just a pound.


I did a few test shots and messed around with the lighting and then investigated where i could get the stars of the show from. The worms! as it was nearly Halloween I considered toy ones and jelly worm sweets but decided i needed live worms for the best image. These were surprisingly easy to get as my local pet shop stocks them as live food. At least this way I could release them into the wild after their photo shoot and save them from being eating alive.