Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me To Hell features a brilliant scene with a slice of Harvest Cake that develops an eye ball and eventually is stabbed in it and bleeds everywhere.



Although it’s kinda gross I felt sorry for the cake in this film so I wanted to recreate this image with the fork approaching and the cake somehow looking scared.

I also not sure how tasty harvest cake looks so decided to replace it with chocolate fudge cake as this is quite a popular cake and I figured it would be more distressing for people to see a cake they really enjoy eating with an eye looking out of it.

I  ordered some fake eyes off of Amazon (they really do sell everything) and set about trying to install the eyeball in the cake realistically. This was far harder then I had imagined and took me nearly an hour of icing and cake tool trickery to get it looking anything like the screen version.

I added golden syrup at the corners of the eye to make it look more gloopy and wet and then set up the lighting.

After the shoot I was worried I might not have got things right so decided to keep the cake in the fridge for a few days incase I needed to do another shoot.

Fingers crossed no one else looks in the fridge 🙂



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