Call For Work

I was feeling hugely inspired after the Emerging Art, Emerging Place talk at the CET and two night later the organizers released this:


I’ve been saying since New Year that I need to get my work ‘out there’ more – where ever ‘there’ is!

And I felt like this was just the push I needed. So I’ve set about choosing 5 images of my work.

I’ll show you them in the next blog post.


fresh copy

Today I worked for fresh@CU helping to film a conference and workshop event in Birmingham.

fresh@CU specialise in corporate events, which isn’t really the field I want to go into, but George and Spencer who run the company are really good fun to work with and I always learn something new when I work an event with them.

Today I worked as sound technician recording all the audio for the event. We were able to plug directly into the mains for the first few speeches so this guaranteed really good quality sound but later on we were filming in a corridor above the caters who were setting up all the food for the lunch buffet. There were carts coming past that were really clattering and cups and cutlery being laid out and the sound was really getting picked up by the rifle mic we were using. George showed me a setting on the zoom recorder that helps cut out background noise, something I’d never been shown before in our tutorials at uni, and it really made a huge difference to the final audio and will be something I will definitely use again in the future.