Phoenix film project



Over the summer I caught up with a friend of mine who is a poet. We’ve been keen to collaborate on a project together before and she presented an idea she had for making a film about the local artist George Wagstaffe, centering around his sculpture The Phoenix and how it represents Coventry and it’s resurgence and regeneration.┬áIt would incorporate poetry and be quite experimental in it’s look. Possibly mixing film and animation together.

My friend Mary would write and produce the film while I would film and direct it.

In order to fund the project Mary has applied for local arts funding. We probably won’t hear anything back from them until at least February but in the meantime we have started working on ideas and our script.

I’m really excited about this project as I am a great fan of George Wagstaffe’s work.

Cinderella Ball


This weekend I joined the DBA Theatre team as photographer for their Cinderella Ball to raise money for local charity Archie’s Smile.


The Ball was to start with a stage performance so I arrived to the venue a few hours early so I could watch the dress rehearsal and capture a few photos without an audience in attendance.


I’m so pleased that I was able to do this as it gave me a much better idea of where to stand to get the best pictures later in the evening and I will try and do this from now on at any similar events I am hired to work at.


After the dress rehearsal we had some unfortunate news. The stage lighting people could no longer make the event and so all we had available was the venue’s ceiling lights combined with a few party lights the DJ had. As I was already at the venue there was little I could do and I was really kicking myself for not bringing additional lighting, as the corner we were set up in to do carriage photos was really quite dark. I positioned the carriage under the lights the best I could, redirecting a few overhead ones, and crossed my fingers that I could “fix it in post”.


Thankfully I was able to rescue the photos in LightRoom but it meant two days extra work and has taught me to always prepare for the unexpected. Next time I will be bringing LED lights with me just incase, along with extra batteries, chargers, sim cards, lenses, lens caps……..