Just Us


This week I was lucky enough to join the crew of the film Just Us (2017).

My main role on set was to be the film’s Continuity Supervisor. This is not a role I have undertaken before so I did quite a bit of research into what it would entail before I started work.

I also spoke to a few friends who had looked after continuity on other sets and they gave me a lot of helpful tips. One insisted I “photograph everything from several different angles“, so I always had a clear photo of my actors and their previous scenes to refer back to. This advice proved invaluable as it is very easy to forget exactly what props were in each shot, or which exact way an actor was sat, and having photos on my camera to check really helped.

Another friend advised me that “Tape and chalk, anything that won’t blow away, are also useful for marking first and last positions if you can do it without the camera seeing it.” Again this was great advice as the crew needed to mark the trees in the forest so they knew exactly where to return to the next day and we ended up using tape to do this. I also brought tent pegs with me which could easily be pushed into the ground to be used as an actor’s spot marker but wouldn’t be noticed on camera.


I also had the opportunity to be gaffer on a few scenes, which I really enjoyed. Six months ago I was totally clueless about lighting, but after working on so many different films this term, I’m now a lot more confident lighting a set and feel like I have a much better idea of where to position lighting to make it as natural looking as possible.

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