Law Conference

While filming for the DMLL I was approached by a Law lecturer who needed a film crew to photograph and film an upcoming conference with a visiting speaker. I jumped at the chance as this was the opportunity to do similar work to the events I had helped film for the University but I would get the opportunity to produce the whole thing myself.

Knowing I needed a talented and reliable team I immediately contacted Dana, Lavi and Victoria. Three extremely talented people who I reguarly work with and who are at the top of my recommendations list whenanyone ever asks me about the best people to work with.

Victoria was going to be out of the country on the day of the conference but was happy to edit any footage we captured and Dana and Lavi soon set to work outlining all the equipment we would require.


Arriving at the venue we were quite surprised by the shape of it. The lecture theatre was very different to any in Ellen Terry as it was very steep and circular. This meant we really had to reconsider where we would position out cameras and where we could stand ourselves and not obstruct anyone’s view or end up on camera.

I think we really could have benefited from a meeting with the event organizer a week or so before the scheduled filming date to survey the venue and discuss any key points. This would have prepared us for the venues unusual shape and i would have maybe thought about bringing one more camera or even incorporating some 360 footage in using the Ricoh Theta to take advantage of the circular space.


At one point Mitch, the visiting speaker, was presented with a gift Brethertons present to him and it would have been great to have had an opportunity to both photograph and film a simple shot of the gift before the conference started so we could have cut to it when the box was opened so viewers could also see what was inside.


After the event I managed to speak to one of the partners and request his introductory notes from the opening of the conference. I am so pleased I thought to do this, it wasn’t planned and was just an idea that popped into my head at the time, as it really helped with putting names to faces in the edit and giving everyone their correct job title so it is something I will definitely try to do from now on.


I really enjoyed photographing at the after party as everyone was so more relaxed, laughing and smiling and I felt i could capture a lot more natural interaction between the guests.

It wasn’t until I had a quick flick through my first lot of photos that I realized a lot of them were unusable as people either had cheeks full of food or had been capturing pulling some rather unattractive faces while eating. To counter this I concentrated on photographing the tables of food and wine and people’s hands and plates until people had finished eating.


The other thing I had not considered was people shaking hands. As this was a business conference hand shake shots would be particuarly useful but as they are so fleeting it seems to be that as soon as I focused on two people’s hands meeting I’d already missed the shot. Next time I would get my videographer to film these shots and then we could use stills from the hand shakes instead.




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