Exhibition Day

The day of the exhibition has finally arrived and we are all ready to set up. Corina did an amazing job cutting out and then stenciling the nAture logo I had designed onto individual t-shirts so we would be easily identified as the organizers once wearing them, by any of our guests.

We designed and printed out flyers and posters we distributed around the university and set up a Facebook events page to invite guests and advise them to download their soundscape before the event and bring headphones if possible, if not we had bought several new pairs should anyone need them.

We converted our photos into A1 size and printed them out as giant posters on lightweight paper.

After much experimentation we’d finally found a way to attach them to the subway walls using double sided tape that would be superfast to put up but would also be easily removable at the end of the exhibition and not cause any damage to the bricks/tiles.


As we were worried about causing any obstructions in a public walkway a few of us met our guests at Ellen Terry reception and we walked them down to the rest of our group who were waiting with the artwork, headphones and some light refreshment. We did this in timed blocks so the area never got too busy but we also limited the amount of people we invited because of this too. If we were to run an event like this again I think we would put it on for longer and have guests book timed slots before the event, via Eventbrite or a similar online free ticket provider, and then we would be able to invite a lot more people.


If we had had access to more portable projectors I really would have liked to have used four, rather than just the two we had, so the whole ceiling would have been flooded with imagery rather than just sections of it.


Despite this the guests really seemed to enjoy the nature videos which contrasted with the exhibition’s urban setting and photography. The headphone soundscape also seemed to blend perfectly with the sound of the traffic from the ring road overhead, which really echoed our idea of urban and nature working side by side.


Overall I feel the exhibition was a success. It may not have been the most well attended or the most professional looking exhibition but we set out to do something quite different to our peers, and also a little bit risky, with it being in a public place, but I feel the risk paid off. I would really like to hold another guerrilla exhibition in the future with a more political theme, making more of a statement and reaching more members of the public. I would also be interested in possibly documenting passerbys’s reactions, as this was one of my favorite parts of the exhibition, seeing everyone’s reaction to it. This exhibition has really inspired me and shown me exactly what myself and my fellow team members can do when we put our minds to it and pull together.


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