Pop Up/Guerrilla Exhibitions

Do not make the mistake of thinking any space will do. Choose a space that’s appropriate to your concept and the makers involved is critical to the success of your gallery” (Anon, 2017) and I think they are most definitely right. As our exhibition has a strong urban theme I think it needs to be set in the city centre where we can incorporate nature images and sounds over the urban photography and setting itself.

Guerilla Exhibition are a group of individuals based in Dublin with the aim to highlight the vacant spaces in the city by organizing pop-up photography exhibitions. These exhibitions not only highlight the problem with vacant and unused buildings in Dublin, but also promotes the photography and the arts in Ireland.” (Guerrilla Exhibition, 2017)

Guerrilla Exhibition and Cork Analogue Photographers combined exhibition really inspired us and I felt they were really doing something we wanted to do with our art work. Not only were they highlighting recent austerity but they were making rundown, neglected space beautiful with their artwork which is something we really wanted to do as part of our exhibition. Many areas of Coventry’s City Centre have become rundown, especially our subways. The addition of artwork to brighten a usually grey and bleak space really appealed to us as artists. Making someone’s usually quite mundane and dreary walk into town into something surprising and wondrous, and hopefully brightening someone’s day with our work?



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