Exhibition: Disaster, Panic & Recovery

I’m not sure I’ve arranged an event yet that hasn’t had an element of disaster creep into it, but on this occasion, as on most others, often the disaster leads you to a much better solution.

This week we found out that the venue where we were hoping to hold our exhibition wanted to charge us £250 to host the event! What with printing the photos, designing t-shirts and purchasing headphones and refreshments for our guests there was no way we could find an additional £250, or guarantee our guests would spend that much on drinks at the venue in one evening, so we had to decline the offer and start looking for somewhere else to host our nAture exhibition.

Seriously downhearted and starting to panic a little, as we now only have two weeks until the final exhibition date, I was walking home through one of my favorite places, my local subway/underpass, and suddenly it came to me…..


I have taken so many photos here and even filmed my first film, Trip, in these subways so why not hold the exhibition here too?! We could fly poster the walls with our urban photography and project Vlad’s nature video’s onto the subway’s ceiling. Guests could download a nature track we would compile from the videos and could listen to it as they walked through the subways and took in the artwork. The idea would also work perfectly with our urban meets nature theme as what could be more urban than a City Centre subway under Coventry’s ring road.

I’d recently been reading about the Guerrilla Girls and pop up protest exhibitions in Dublin  so decided we needed to research some of these before we made a final decision.


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