Masterclass with Saskia Sutton


As part of our Professional Experience module we were split into large groups and given the task to host a Masterclass by a guest speaker. We needed to advertise the event, set up the venue, film the full lecture and organize questions for a short recorded interview afterwards.

As I normally direct and produce on most projects I wanted to do something a little different on this one. I really enjoy research so I volunteered to walk with a small group to make a list of question to ask Saskia in her final interview.

We had received a brief resume about Saskia so already had a bit about her background but we wanted to find some questions we could ask that she’d maybe not heard before and make the questioning as relevant to her life as possible.

One of the first thing we discovered about Saskia was that her mother “Heather Sutton was a pioneer female documentary filmmaker” (, 2017) and her father was a painter. We guessed this was likely to influence her career choice and may have also given her a stepping stone into the world of film.

Next we discovered that Saskia had worked on the very first mix of live action and animation, even before the release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988). We definitely wanted to ask her about that.

“She worked as his runner on the ITV series ‘All You Need is Love’.” (, 2017)

Along with the questions we had tailored to Saskia’s past and career we also wanted to ask the questions that most of us, as students new to the media world, really wanted the answers to.

How to get noticed, how to cope working with people you don’t get on with, how to get your films out there!

Here is the question list we finally put together. If you’d like to hear Saskia’s answers to these questions you can listen to the full interview using the link below.



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