film noir and how to recreate it

Almost the entire show was photographed with three short Angenieux lenses: the 15-40mm, 28-76mm and 45-120mm. “They’re compact, you can put them on a Steadicam, and they’re incredibly sharp,” he says. “They’re also very consistent and you can make an adjustment while you’re shooting without stopping. There is just no time for primes in TV.”
The choice of lenses adds to the show’s distinctive look. In one courtroom scene, it looks like Albert used a fisheye lens. “The super-wide shot was a 10mm, which isn’t quite a fisheye but it’s close,” he says. “Where we’re moving through the courtroom, it’s a 15mm. We shot a lot of the show on the Angenieux 15-40mm, which is a very wide lens and makes it a real challenge to get lights anywhere close to the actor. But it gives the look a lot of depth. You really see the actors inhabit the world they’re in.”


Keeping Score – Musique Noir: Investigating the Sound of Film Noir


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