260mc: Western Motel

Western Motel by Edward Hopper


Group ideas

  • rediscovering art
  • 1950’s
  • the cold war
  • what was happening at the time in art and politically
  • revolution
  • influences of the artist
  • his history
  • tarantino feel
  • what is the car doing there?
  • the suitcase?
  • the red dress and what it represents?
  • colours?
  • pop art feel


My ideas for the pitch


  • femme fatale archetype
  • black and white to contrast bright colours of the painting
  • packing to leave a murder scene in a hurry
  • a doublecross
  • old fashioned trunk on top of a dresser, reflection in mirror on top of it
  • bundling clothes in quickly
  • use of shadows
  • blue fabric on chair in motel is evidence linking her to the crime


  • our leading lady playing poker at a table
  • the room and layout echoes the colors in the painting
  • close ups on cards
  • tension on faces
  • few words
  • suitcase is the prize, what’s in it? as usual we never find out?
  • big reveal at end, she’s been cheating and it’s something to do with the blue fabric

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