260mc: Scholar Reading: Script ideas


The Parable of Knowledge

When one begins a life, it is as if she is standing in a room across from a window.
Looking out the window, the person can see only a bit of the sky, possibly a cloud, but little else. What she can see of the worlds is severely limited.
But as this person learns more in life, she moves closer to the window. As a result, more of the area outside the window becomes visible: the house across the way, the horizon, a part of the ground below the window.
More is learned, more becomes visible, until she presses her nose against the glass, with all of the world visible from the window in clear view.
And yet–there is still so much more. No matter how much one can glimpse from the window, there is an infinite amount still unseeable.
The point of view is only in one direction (north, perhaps), and much lies to the other compass points.
Thus, we can learn a great deal, but there is always more to be learned. What we need to do on reaching the window is: to open it, and lean out.


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