261mc: Documentary: Shooting Script

I’ve never written a shooting script for a documentary before so decided I needed to do some research before I started. I looked at scripts for other documentaries online and also came across this great e-book by director and screenplay writer Trisha Das:

Click to access programme_doc_documentary_script.pdf

I am really interested to see how our pre-shooting script will differ from our post-shoot script.


Below I have made a short visual storyboard of our script to show the colours of our documentary and the style of shoot we have in mind. Our film will start bright and go into slight shadow as Sarah discusses her struggles. It then comes back to bright colours but eventually fades to black as the light turns out.


2 thoughts on “261mc: Documentary: Shooting Script

  1. Your shooting script does allow me to visually see elements of the film. I understand the time-codes were not required for this, however, as you have included them in, don’t forget to make sure they are roughly accurate, as currently it only goes up to 12 seconds.


  2. The shooting script is a little basic for a 3 minute film. I am sure it has developed since this and hope this is going well. Set up a meeting on ADOH with me to discuss the progress and bring in any material or edits you have.


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