Professional Experience: Shin Ramen


This evening I visited Shin Ramen to start filming a promotions video for the restaurant to upload to social media.

I worked alongside another videographer so we could concentrate on different areas of the restaurant. While I was filming inside the kitchen, capturing food being prepared and cooked, the other videographer could be filming guests arriving at the restaurant, cocktails being made at the bar and meals being brought to the table.


Service was quick and the restaurant was very busy this evening so we had to be careful not to get in the way of the staff or customers as we filmed.

I really enjoyed my professional experience at Shin Ramen. The owners were fantastic and granted us access to all areas, were extremely understanding about equipment and made no fuss about us being there.

Filming at night made for some beautiful shots with lots of bokeh and if I was photographing or filming for a restaurant again I would highly recommend they do a night time shoot alongside a day one. It really helps to tell a story and show the change in menu and clientele from day to night.



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