Professional Experience : Exhibition Ideas

For my exhibition I am hoping to show a selection of my photography work. I have spoken to a few other students who are also interested in photography and we are hoping to put our images together for a themed exhibit.

I have two main ideas. The first is Coventry. So photos taken in and around Coventry and then exhibited at local venues. If we go for this idea I’d probably select the photo below along with a few others taken in the same area.

hill street.jpg

Ideas for possible Coventry exhibition venues:

  • Drapers
  • Inspire Cafe
  • The Artisan
  • Fargo Village

The second theme was Entertainment, as both Corina and myself have shots from this year’s Swingamajig Festival that we could use. If this theme is chosen I would probably opt for this photo and a series of cabaret themed images.

DSC01545 2.JPG

Ideas for possible Entertainment exhibition venues:

  • Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School
  • The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre
  • MAC Birmingham
  • Drapers
  • The Hare & Hounds

To link our work into the community we would ask that the venues possibly leave our work on display for 4-6 weeks with prices listed so customers could consider purchasing pieces. Taking our art right into their own homes!

(Note to self: Possible problem: I am unsure if we may encounter problems with the Entertainment exhibition as the photos all contain people who’s permission we would probably need, particularly if we plan to sell our work.)


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