I’ve been thinking more and more about the saying “It’s not what you know but who you know” recently, in relation to gaining Professional Experience. So I decided I needed to be a bit cheeky and start approaching a few more people I know, and a lot more that I don’t. Essentially I am offering my services for free in exchange for the opportunity of gathering more experience, and I may actually be able to help some businesses if they end up with images and footage they can use to promote themselves, so I need to be less embarrassed about asking people.

So, today, I took my daughter to the Herbert Art Gallery for a halloween film screening. Looking after the event was a really nice lady who we often see there. She asked how we were and after a few moments I plucked up the courage to ask her if the museum might need anyone to photograph or film events or promotions for them. It turns out the lady I was speaking to was the Marketing and Events Planner and said she would love for me to come along and photograph the next event they have on the 18th of November and possibly several other things after that.

Following on from this success I have also contacted a friend who works in the Health and Safety Office at the University to ask if they need any photography or filming doing and I’m just waiting to hear back.

Another student I worked with last year has also contacted me to work on a project with him taking some promo photos and film for a local restaurant this weekend. I am really excited about this project as the restaurant is really beautifully painted so will make a great subject and the finished video will also be a good advert to show to potential clients.


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