261mc: Transgressions Treatment – Sarah’s Story

Scene 1 – Introduction/Establishing shot

A tracking shot shows the audience books on shelves in a library, tables, chairs, a librarian busy working and then finally comes to rest on a hand selecting an oversized book. It is Sarah’s hand. She is choosing a revision book for the maths course she is currently studying. We follow her as she carries the book to a table and sits down and starts to read. The camera pans out to get a view of the entire library.

Scene 2 – Background

We hear Sarah’s voice as she describes her childhood, her struggle at school and her problems with dyslexia. We see Sarah looking at photos of herself as a child and the camera lingers on children’s books, open at pages with illustrations that relate to her life. i.e: if Sarah talks about her dyslexia we show a book with blurred/jumbled letters; if Sarah talks about an unhappy home life we see illustrations from the book Matilda.

Scene 3 – Conflict and conclusion

We begin to see facts and figures on the screen. Recent library closures across the country, their dates and the government spending cuts still to be brought in, laid over more visuals of the library. We end with the library closing for the evening, lights switch off, black screen and silence.

Sarah’s Story is, exactly that, so we want to make the main body of the film- Scene 2- the heart of the story and as such it will be longer than the other two scenes. We want to let Sarah tell us about the difference libraries made to her life and then, at the end, tell the audience that the government is in the process of shutting down many libraries across the country. We hope to make them two separate issues that the audience connects together themselves and feels more informed for doing so. The library closing at the end, and the silence, hints at it’s possible closure for good and gives the audience a moment to understand this.

As this is a documentary we are aware that the treatment needs to be flexible. As Sarah’s Story unfolds other issues, we have not yet considered, may crop up and new visuals may become apparent. In preparation for this we plan to record Sarah’s audio first and then scout out our location to see what pairs to it. We also need to be flexible in our ideas so that we don’t try and force Sarah’s Story to fit the box we have designed for it.


One thought on “261mc: Transgressions Treatment – Sarah’s Story

  1. As was said in class the two ends of the books are important in a film but the emotional content of each page is also clear for your character. The use of silence is apt in this case. Take into consideration the discussion around colour, tone and soundscape when preparing your shooting script for next week. Looking promising.


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