Initial Thoughts

When I graduate I would like to make a living making short films but I know that this is unlikely to provide a very consistent income. To supplement my income as I am starting out I plan to work freelance photographing and/or filming events.

I already have some experience in this field.

I filmed and photographed at this year’s Swingamajig Festival, was the second photographer and videographer at a wedding at Coombe Abbey in June, filmed and editing the first ever Guide to Campus for Coventry University, recorded evidence of Student Experience for the VCO, photographed and filmed a seminar for the DMLL and also helped with production and filming on a recent marketing video for Coventry University over the summer.

During my Professional Experience this year I hope to try out as many new events and work environments as possible.

So far I have:

  • Applied to work at a local Photography Studio (update: unfortunately the company has now ceased to do studio work)
  • Talked to the Theatre Department about helping to film, photograph and light theatre productions next term (update: this has been agreed and will hopefully go ahead next term)
  • Approached the organizers of Guide to Campus to see if they had any more filming opportunities available (update: it has been suggested that the DMLL may require some digital activators and I am waiting to hear back if there are any places left)
  • I have contacted several bands who have gigs lined up at the O2 Academy in Birmingham to see if I can obtain a press pass to film there.

Things still to do:

  • I was recently contacted by a journalist at RT News over the Save Our Libraries Campaign and I plan to contact them to offer my services as a runner if they have any filming coming up locally
  • Apply for a press pass for this years Comic Con
  • Contact the local newspaper to see if I can shadow one of their photographers

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