261mc: Documentary one minute pitch

“Stay with it!”

I have received confirmation from Sarah, this week, that she will be happy to be in my documentary. Unfortunately I could not meet with her again before the class pitch. So I have had to piece together a little footage from some of the Save Our Libraries protests that I filmed over the summer. I’m hoping this will give the class a glimpse of Sarah’s enthusiasm and passion for her cause, despite the shaky camera work.

Last week Ken asked us why we wanted to be documentary makers. Did we want to become rich, famous, change the world? Or maybe all those things? I want to make a difference. I want to highlight the injustices in the world but I also want to show the good in it too. The people willing to fight for what they believe in.


2 thoughts on “261mc: Documentary one minute pitch

  1. Your have a strong subject and the story comes across really well, especially with showing the current situation of the library. It is very topical and great as you have access to the subject and place. However, I was wondering whether she would be happy to be in front of the camera? If so, start thinking about the visuals and mode of documentary your group want to focus on.


  2. Despite your reluctance this has was selected and thats good as there are so many rich visuals here as well as a depth to the character. Think about the mood and atmosphere in a library and how you can capture it on film. The location you choose is important so find out which libraries you can access. The tone you take is important everybody expects a campaign based issue story to have shouting in so perhaps play around with that?


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