261mc: Documentary Proposal


Picture a young girl living in an abusive home.

Her name is Sarah.

She is quiet, with few friends, and is always in trouble at school. She is told she is stupid and that she will not amount to anything.

One day she finds her local library.

There she finds caring staff and hundreds of books full of new worlds to escape into.

As Sarah grows older she realises her worth with the help of the library.

Now Sarah is an adult and the library needs her.

It’s facing closure and Sarah will do everything she can to save it!


One thought on “261mc: Documentary Proposal

  1. Well done. This is a very good character with potential and the visual essay gave a strong sense of what we would see. the story is rich and complex so the ket is to decide which element to focus on but it is a good problem to have that creativity will solve.


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