161mc: CW2 Blog Task 5 – Interactivity

Studio Programme Websites


this front.jpghttp://www.itv.com/thismorning#



one front.jpg

When you first arrive on both websites you see they both have clear layouts. Both have headers with links to important information about the show and both clearly display which channel they can be viewed on and feature a search bar so you can find something specific you may have gone there to look for.

The This Morning page is very light and has a more simple layout. It uses just three colors, grey, turquoise and gold and has a white background. This makes the page appear simple to use, laid back and uncluttered. It has a rather relaxing feel to it.

The One Shows landing page is quite a contrast to this. It is very bright and vibrant. Again, it sticks to just three colours; red, purple and green, but with a black background. I think this conveys the show’s sense of fun but it also makes the site look a little over the top and busy.

Both landing pages are well laid out but the This Morning page is possibly a little too basic, the amount of white on the page makes it look like maybe something is missing. It is possibly designed for a slightly older audience, maybe not as internet savvy, trying not to bombard them with too much information at once. In contrast The One Show’s initial look gives the impression of a show shouting out for attention, ‘don’t overlook me’ and has, maybe, tried to cram a little too much into one space.


Both sites encourage their viewers to interact with the shows, with buttons to share and like content and clear links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Both encourage their viewers to tweet in with comments and This Morning has a regular competition that requires viewers to phone in or to register their details online. This Morning has also cleverly added, under nearly every article on their website, a link to share it through social media constantly reminding the viewer to keep interacting.


But I think where The One Show has the edge when it comes to audience interaction as the majority of the show’s content is sourced straight from the viewer. The audience is encouraged to share it’s experiences ‘Do you or someone you know have the same birthday as the Queen?‘ ‘We need your help to identify the Lost Tommies.‘ There is even a whole page dedicated to this where you can ‘Send Your Stories’ and have a programme made from your own idea, if it’s an interesting enough one.

Both websites have a similar selection of additional pages that are linked to in the header.

  • An About Page – Giving the audience more detailed information on the Presenters and the show’s Experts.
  • Links to Social Media.
  • Episodes – A link to Previous Show’s you may have missed or want to rematch.
  • Links to Similar programmes – Both have links to other Tv Shows you might be interested in or other channels or radio stations affiliated with the show’s main broadcasting channel.
  • Sign In – Don’t miss anything about the show by signing up to the newsletter and the show can use your personal details to refine itself and it’s advertising to your every need.
  • Clips – Highlights from recent shows.
  • Additional Information – Extra information on recent topics covered on the show and links to helpful websites associated with these topics.
  • Competitions – Prizes to be won and more personal information to be gathered for research purposes.
  • Recipes – Check out the most recent thing cooked on the show with a step by step guide or VT.
  • Search Bar – Don’t want to trawl the whole site? Type in exactly what you are looking for in the helpful Search Engine.

If I could change anything about The One Show’s website I would alter the layout. The top of the landing page is far too cluttered, but then as you scroll down the page becomes more bare. Eventually the black background takes over and there is information on just one half of the screen, with the right hand side left completely empty.


If the top half was spaced a little wider then the rest would fill the lower part of the screen and leave no blank spaces, that make the site look like it has information missing.

As for This Morning’s website I would change the adverts. They are placed right in the middle of the page and many, purposely, appear like the show’s articles in the hope that you will accidentally click on them.


I would like it if they were removed altogether, as the show is already sponsored by Boots the Chemist at the very top of the page , but if they really need the revenue I would move the adverts to strips on either side of the page. This way they are recognizable as adverts and not confused with magazine content, but can still be easily viewed as the audience scrolls through.


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