161mc: The SIX@SIX Website


After Mez’s lecture we were adamant that our website should reflect our show’s title colours . We really wanted everything to tie in together so we had a strong brand that would appeal to our target audience so we chose red, white and black as our main website colours, with a little bit of dark grey in places. We tried to vary the background design slightly as you clicked through the pages so things didn’t get boring for our online users and highlighted interactive links, like videos on our gallery page, with red borders.


Husain took the lead in designing the website while the rest of us worked on content to add to it. Corina edited us a selection of the best photo highlights from the Swingamajig festival, Jana edited our headshot photos for the credits page and Lavinia, Kai, Husain and I both worked on behind the scenes photos and video footage.

Below is the Behind the Scenes video I made

I’m really pleased with the look of our website and hope it has everything required to make it as interactive an experience for our audience as possible.

Decide for yourself by checking it out here:



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