161mc: SIX@SIX The Live Broadcast


We all arrived at the studio on time and Irina and I went to meet our special guest, Paul Neary from Swing Express. We escorted him across to the tank and gave him a tour of the studio. Toby and Lavinia sorted out a mic for him and ran him through his interview while I moved on to help with dressing the set.

The sofa we had borrowed had only just arrived in time and we hadn’t had a chance to test it out. As soon as Farai sat on it he totally sank into the chair! While this was happening we were also trying to arrange the fabric and lights we had brought with us to use as a backdrop. Annoyingly the fabric wasn’t quite wide enough to use vertically, as we had wanted, and horizontal stripes made the background look like a pirate’s flag. We decided to scrap the striped background and use the black curtain with the lights draped across it instead. Now we had a large sheet of fabric spare, so I balled it up and placed it under Farai’s sofa cushion. It wasn’t the perfect solution but stopped him from sinking back too much now. The fabric had managed to come in handy after all.


Lavinia and our guest Paul practiced their interview and a few dance steps as we checked everything in the gallery and Corina uploaded some last minute graphics she had been working on. With everyone now in place we decided to try our first take.

Our timings in the gallery really needed to be spot on today to make the show look as smooth as possible and controlling the timing of the final interview would be vital to keeping the show within the ten minute time frame.

Another tricky part was moving Lavinia from one side of the studio to the other to interview our guest. She only had a few seconds while masked by a still on the screen to dash across the studio, but after just a couple of takes she was in place with time to spare.


Our first few takes weren’t great. Things kept getting confused or VT’s didn’t run quite right and we had to add in an extra question to our guest’s interview to get the length of the show just right. I have to really thank our guest Paul, he was a real professional, and even managed to save our presenter when she forgot the name of something, without even making it noticeable.

With just 8 minutes to spare we captured the perfect take and you can view it below. You may not agree that it is perfect and I could easily point out several things we would change if we were allowed to edit the piece or reshoot it, but to me it is perfect because I couldn’t be prouder of my team and how hard they all worked to make this show something really worth watching. Everyone really pulled together to work as one and I think that shows in our finished piece.


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