161mc: Swingamajig Edit


The Swinjamajig Festival was amazing! I had no idea we would be allowed to film behind the barriers and at the side of the stage with the professional photographers. We got some really amazing photos and footage. I have 773 pictures and film clips alone and Corina and Lavinia have almost as much too so it’s going to take quite a while to find the best bits of footage. After meeting as a group on Monday we found out all the VT’s needed to be complete and uploaded by Tuesday. As I was working on both the Amsterdam VT as well as the Swingamajig one Kai offered to take the Amsterdam one over and we both worked all evening to get them completed. Toby was also working on the through history VT and just needed to add some copyright free music to it.

I would have liked to add a lot more to the Swingamajig VT but we couldn’t have much more than 1 minute 30 seconds for each VT as we needed to keep at least 4 minutes free for the interview with our guest.


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