161mc: Miss Contingency Part 2

So, things aren’t going too well with our Special Guest segment. After approaching two different vintage hair and make up artists, both wanted to be involved but couldn’t because of the date and time. Monday at 2-4 in the afternoon most stylists are working.

We then contacted a local cocktail bar in the hope that one of their bar tenders might be able to come in and do a segment on making the perfect Bee’s Knees as this was a very popular gin cocktail in the 1920’s. But, sadly, they didn’t respond to our offer.


Then we spotted Kiriki Club on my friend Vimal’s radio show and we thought we had the perfect match. Kiriki Club’s swing sound and minimalist acoustic set would make them ideal guests in our small studio.

Knowing Vimal would be at Swingamajig on Sunday we approached him and asked if he could pass our details on to the group.

Again the group were interested but couldn’t make the date and time. I was beginning to get really disheartened and didn’t want to tell the group we still had no special guest so began scouring the internet for another option. I suddenly realized we hadn’t looked at local Swing Dance classes and that a segment with an instructor teaching one of our interviewers a few dance steps after a short interview had actually been a suggestion at one of our very first ideas meetings.

After a quick look online I found SwingExpress and contacted Paul Neary who said he would be happy to join us on the show. I was so relieved as I was beginning to think the show might not go ahead if we couldn’t find the right guest. It’s really strange how things work out but I really think a local dance school fits in a lot better with our other pre recorded segments and makes the programme move fluidly from one segment to the next.



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