161mc: CW2 Blog Task 4 – Health & Safety

1) List the common hazards of working in a TV studio and how you can avoid or manage them to work safely.

  • Working on large screens – Risk of Computer Eye Strain – Take regular breaks at 20 min intervals. Looking at far away objects and blinking can help. Use the 20-20-20 rule.
  • Electricity – Risk of Electrocution or Electrical Fire – Inspect all electrical items before use. Never touch bare wires, be careful not to bend wiring or place heavy equipment on cables as this can result in damage to the wire housing. Be careful with wall sockets and plugging things in. Ensure you know who the First Aider on Duty is before each session and how to get hold of them. Know your Emergency Exits and what to do in case of a fire, train your crew and share this knowledge with visiting guests. Report any damage to cables, plug sockets or wiring as soon as it happens. Also keep all drinks/liquids out of the main TV studio and gallery. This will also help avoid slip risks. Ensure all safety checks are made to new equipment before it is introduced into the TV studio and that all regular safety checks are maintained.
  • Cabling – Trip Hazard – Ensure all cables are taped down with electrical/gaffer tape and watch where you are walking. Wear flat, sensible shoes. When not in use tidy all cables away.
  • Lifting Heavy Object/ Machinery – Chance of Injury – Always use the trolley to move heavy objects, never lift heavy objects alone and follow lifting guidelines.
  • Lighting – Burn Risk and Electrocution – Never touch lighting or light housings as they get very hot.
  • Ladders – Fall Risk – On occasion you may need to use the ladders to move hanging lighting or other ceiling equipment, rigging, etc. Never climb a ladder without checking it first and ensure you have someone to stand at the bottom and steady it for you.
  • Lone working – Injury without help – If you really have to work in the TV studio alone make sure you notify someone when you will be arriving and leaving. Keep a mobile phone with you at all times. Do not attempt to move heavy objects while you are on your own or climb any ladders.
  • Inappropriate storage – Trip Hazard – Make sure you keep areas as clear as possible in the TV studio. Camera men may need to reverse with their dolly and may not always check behind them. Put everything away as soon as you have finished working with it so it can be found again easily and won’t be walked into.

2. Complete a risk assessment to show how you would safely produce a demonstration item that aims to show a presenter performing a coke and mentos trick in his/her mouth.


please click the link above to see my completed risk assessment.


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