161mc: Amsterdam Filming



Four members of our team are travelling to Amsterdam. We have contacted SwingStreet, West Kemna Studios and plan to interview staff and students about their love of swing dance and the culture and community that has grown from it. We have arranged to arrive at the venue on Wednesday 20th April 2016 at 19:15. Our contact there is Praveen Raghuraman. We hope to stay until approx. 23:00 so we can also capture some of the after hours freestyle dancing. We hope this will give us a chance to talk to the staff and students once they are a little more relaxed and feel more comfortable with us.

The crew will be taking two dslr’s and will capture footage from two different angles. One camera will have a 50mm lens, set up on a tripod, and will be used for close up, straight on talking head shots during interviews. The second camera will be used free hand for a side angle shot. After interviews the dancing will be filmed using a combination of both cameras from two separate angles at floor level to capture fast moving feet and twirling skirts and then some mounted camera full shots and some freehand waist, arm and head shots of the dancers movement.

This footage will then be edited together to make a one minute VT segment that will fit into our Six@Six television show.




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