161mc: Roles

Today we met up and pitched for our roles within the TV production team. We were all quite lucky in securing the roles we had auditioned for. The members of the group who didn’t attend the meeting got the remaining roles, hopefully they will be as happy as those of us who turned up.

  • Corina Bonte- VT/GFX Mixer & Website Designer
  • Farai Mbudaya- Presenter & Music Producer
  • Harry James- Camera Op
  • Husain Gholoom- Vision Mixer
  • Irina Iliesei- Floor Manager & VT Content Producer/Direct in Amsterdam
  • Jana Soltisik- Camera Op
  • Kai Jueles Davis- Director
  • Lamarr Unpredictable Campbell- Engineer/graphic design
  • Lavinia Botirca- Presenter & Social Media Producer/Sound & Camera Op in Amsterdam
  • Mike Ssewagudde- Script Supervisor
  • Sehoon Lee- Camera Op
  • Tara Rutledge- Producer
  • Toby Read- Sound Mixer
  • Viktor Zigalik- PA

We looked over the email I had written up to send to the swing school in amsterdam and after a few tweaks we agreed it was ready to send – fingers crossed they are happy to work with us.



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