161mc: What’s in a name?


I really wanted to come up with a name for our TV show that reflected the fact that it was a daily event and reminded people exactly when it was on. All the best names already seemed to be taken:

The Tonight Show
The Late Show
The Six O’Clock Show


So what are we left with? Maybe:

The Evening Show? The Tea Time Show?
The Six Show?  The 6 Show?
depending on how many segments are in the show
Six at Six?
The Big Six at Six?

or maybe something that points out our live aspect

Six Live? Evening Live?  The Live Show?

Today Live?

After putting all the ideas forward our group decided on


as our show would be on at six o’clock in the evening and had six news segments. We Hoped the @ symbol in place of the word at would also reveal that our TV show was quite modern and fun.



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