161mc: Edge TV

Today we decided on our name for our TV production company, Edge TV. And started to do some research into what theme we would like to explore.

Two years ago I visited a one day festival in Birmingham called Swingamajig. The festival is a celebration of the Electro Swing Movement involving live bands, dance, DJ sets, circus and art performers and all things 1920’s.

Visually the festival is very vibrant so would fit in perfectly with the theme WEIRD AND WONDERFUL and with so many things going on it would offer us a good selection of ‘items’ or magazine segments to choose from.

The festival takes place at the beginning of May so we could film the festival in full swing, something similar to the film above possibly, for our prerecorded section and then interview the organizers, Electric Swing Circus in the studio about how they went about starting the festival and put it all together. If they agree to appear it would be great if they would possibly perform for us to close the show.


If possible, it would be great to bring in a vintage hair and makeup expert to do a makeover on one of our presenters with the other learning to swing dance live?  The interactive section could be people at home sending us in selfies of them in 1920’s inspired outfits with the chance to win a prize.



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