162mc: Halfway down the stairs


The scene where Thomas first acquires the coin is of great significance so we wanted to make it look as good as possible. We set the tripod up quite low so we would concentrate on the two characters legs rather than their faces. The person dropping the coin was of no real significance so we didn’t require his face in shot and we would get to see Thomas’ face as he bends down to retrieve the coin at the end of the scene.


Trying to perfect the timing of their collision was actually a lot harder than you might imagine and we had to do a LOT of retakes. I wanted them to bump into one another at the bottom of the steps so Thomas could bend down into the camera’s view but as one was running and the other walking we had to start Thomas walking long before Hussain started his sprint.


After several retakes i think we finally have the perfect shot. Let’s hope our audience thinks so.



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