162mc: Tea room


The tea room scene could easily have looked very boring and flat so to make it a bit more interesting we added in some depth of field using the 50mm lens and an interesting close up shot. Inspired by the above scene, in Better Call Saul‘ s very first episode, we positioned  the camera right in front of the tea mugs. We then focused on the mugs but soon realised there was no way for our actor to get the cups placed in front of the camera in exactly the same place each time without some kind of marker. And we needed it to not be too obvious so it wasn’t spotted immediately by the audience. Searching through the cupboards in the kitchen we came across a pot of sugar. Inspired, we sprinkled a few grains on the table top and it seemed to do the job.

film tea.jpg

As the tea room we were working in was in a busy corridor of the office building we decided to record the sound of Thomas boiling the kettle and making tea before we started filming the rest of the scene.



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