161mc: CW2 Blog Task 1: The One Show


For those of you who may not have seen it, let me try and describe The One Show to you:

The show airs LIVE every night on BBC ONE at 19:00 Monday to Friday, to the whole of the uk, and is just half an hour long. As so many items are covered in such a short space of time the show is famous for having very tenuous links between segments and things going wrong, due to being broadcast LIVE. But as the show is considered light hearted, early evening entertainment, we accept all this as part of it’s charm.

Each show combines a mix of live studio interviews, pre recorded VTs and live out of the studio segments – normally at local venues with members of the public interviews. The show often concludes with a live band’s performance, a demonstration or some kind of challenge, surprise for the interviewee or similar ‘feel good’ piece. Guests are generally pop stars, actors or musicians advertising their latest tour/tv series/film/album. There is a lot of topical content, tying items in with National Holidays or items that are in the news that day/week. If it’s a particular day in history we may have a historical report.


The show is mainly presented by Matt Baker and Alex Jones, sedate, reliable presenters who remind you of the boy and girl next door. This is intended to make the audience feel they are familiar and put us at ease. We can rely on their responses and don’t have to worry about being shocked or offended over our evening meal. Matt is from the Midlands and Alex is from Wales, still retaining her regional accent, which helps to appeal to the whole of the UK.


The One Show is considered warmhearted programming to cheer up your day. It is aimed at all ages and all tv tribes. This is reflected in it’s bright, colourful set and in the vibrant look of their website. They want to grab your attention and stop you changing channels. The One Show is currently number 30 in the audience viewing, averaging approx 4 million viewers.


The show’s website and Facebook page run many online challenges to tie in with the evening’s theme. Often asking viewers to send in funny photographs or encouraging them to tweet responses to the show as it broadcasts. The website even has a page requesting viewers stories; a story for them to investigate, a programme idea from the local area or a personal story for the show. This audience participation helps to keeps viewers connected and involved, to feel they have some ownership of the programme, and to keep them tuning in and then sharing The One Show content, through online forums and word of mouth.

My tagline for The One Show would be:

Interviews mixed with lighthearted, topical fun to appeal to one and all.



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