160mc: Dashing Blades – Take Two

After looking listening through our previous audio interview we decided to take the film down the route of either Barber as Counsellor and Listening Ear: People confiding in Robert and his place in the community or Ex Teacher still Teaching with the training up of his apprentice: Showing that despite leaving the lecture hall Robert is still imparting his knowledge in a new way. After much discussion we went with the Barber as the Listening Ear as we felt this portrayed the real Robert we had come to know since filming.


we wanted a slightly different look for the next series of shots so set Robert up behind his writing desk with a few vintage items in view. as Robert cleared the desk before filming we left the camera rolling and got some really lovely, natural shots of Robert that we decided to leave in the final edit.



i set up this shot using the 50mm lens. i just really liked the idea of seeing Robert speak ‘through the foliage’ almost. felt it made it seem more like he wasn’t talking to camera and i think works well for the more touching moments of his story.


to end the film i thought it would be nice to see Robert shutting up shop for the evening so we set up a camera in the corner of the shop to film the lights as they switched off and another two on the floor to get a good close up of the broom as he was sweeping up.




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