161mc: Underwater lighting? That’s ‘handy’ :)


After Thomas wakes up we wanted to film him washing his face in the bathroom and thought it would be fun to try and get an underwater shot of him as well as his reflection in the mirror. We booked out the Go Pro and dive housing and headed to our filming apartment. As the Go Pro has an almost fish eye lens we knew that if we used it in a shallow bathroom sink we were going to end up with an extremely up close shot which was not what we wanted. We proceeded to fill up the kitchen sink instead and did a few test shots to see how things looked. Unfortunately the kitchen sink was also too shallow so we started filling up the bath instead! This worked really well but the footage was too far dark. So how to get some underwater lighting? Our solution – five latex gloves knotted around a portable LED battery operated strip light. this worked perfectly to light the shot and kept the light bone dry.



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