160mc: People to People Filming

our first day of filming went really well. the colours in the shop are fantastic and the lighting seems to be working really well. the biggest problem at the moment seems to be trying to avoid getting ourselves or any of our equipment reflected in the two large mirrors that cover the right side of the shop. But so far, so good.


we got some lovely hand held footage, up close and personal with a very helpful customer who didn’t mind us filming while he had his beard trimmed.


we recorded the first half of the talking head interview today and have started to discuss certain narrative angles and spent time talking to Robert off camera and getting him comfortable with us and thinking about what me might discuss in our next interview.


even before filming i’d had a few shots in mind for our film and today i set up a couple of cameras on the floor to do the obligatory sweeping towards camera shot. wish i’d thought to kneel on something first though, i ended up with very hairy knees!


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