162mc: Script rework


tomorrow we are meeting as a group to discuss the script for the fan fiction rewrite of The Queen’s Nose. to fill in any gaps and just tighten up the storyline. i can’t wait to hear everyones ideas.

here are my ideas for possible changes to the script.

  • make the story slightly darker and with a black comedy element.
  • i imagine our character as simon from the misfits tv series before his transformation. slightly walked upon and taken advantage of at work maybe the tea boy and one of his wishes moves him up to supervisor and so he is mean to the new tea boy who is so similar to him as he was at the beginning of the film.
  • one minute montage scene of say five different wishes.
  • the first three being amusing, the fourth darkly humorous and the last one downright evil.
  • the scene with his boss dying could possibly be altered. he’s maybe eating a sandwich as he’s shouting at him and bits of spit keep landing on our character which is what makes him really mad. thinks ‘drop dead’ and his boss starts to choke on the sandwich. he doesn’t immediately realize it’s his wish that has killed him. has previously always said the wishes out loud maybe? is the coin growing in power?
  • in the kerfuffle of trying to save his boss and people rushing in he loses the coin and it rolls away.
  • he tries to find it but it’s fell down a gap/under something and is impossible to see and security escort him out as he’s going crazy.
  • final scene we see the new tea boy from work find the coin and pop it in his pocket. saying ‘lucky 50p’ so we know he won’t spend it. or does he know the 50p has powers as he has heard our main character going crazy searching for it in the previous scene? so his smile hints at something else?
  • the beginning of a new story?????




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