160mc: Miss. Contingency

Sad to say, any hope we had of salvaging our Spice Girls Memorabilia project has now vapourised. The Ikea exhibit ended on the 23rd of January and the new exhibition at Ripley’s doesn’t open until the 24th of March. Without the memorabilia to film this project is totally unresurrectable. so………

plan b

and more spider diagrams 🙂

My first thought was Fargo Village on Far Gosford Street.


I’ve been there many times before for events and to practice my photography so know it’s visually very appealing.


The outside is adorned with stunning graffiti and unusual sculptures, while many quirky stores are tucked away inside.


Surely one of the shop owners would love to be the star of our documentary? Top of the list was the retro barber’s shop, Dashing Blades. I’ve been past it several times before and the owner has his own inimitable style and I imagined the great shots we could get of close ups of cutting hair, conversations with customers and engaging visuals around the store. Next up was DriftWood, a tropical fish and reptile store owned by a friendly couple, what could their story be? Or the Lambretta bike store. I know the owner has links with the scooter community and they often do ride outs which would be great to film with interview footage played over the top.


Ultimately i would love to get the barber for our documentary as i can really visualize how i would like the film to look and i have a feeling he has an interesting back story but we will have to see how we get on when we visit Fargo tomorrow.




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