the script

I found the script a lot more straight forward to write than the film treatment, which had at least three rewrites and took me several days, of going away and coming back to it, to complete. Although, admittedly, i seem to have written a film treatment for a feature film rather than a three minute short so i have confined my script to just one scene. I chose one of my favourite scenes from my story, where Bonnie and Clyde first meet. As it is set in a bank i am also hoping it will be the least problematic scene to film as most of the other scenes required period cars, deserted roads and American gas stations.

The treatment really works as a great guide to tease the additional details out of your brain and get them into a working script. The celtx application also really helps with the correct layout. The dialogue was definitely the thing I struggled with the most. I wanted it to sound natural yet get in all the details our audience needed to know without coming across as contrived. If you click on the picture below you can see the finished script and make up your own mind:

Bonnie and Clyde

To ensure that my script really was 1 page = 1 minute I took the role of script supervisor and walked myself through the script step by step. I walked through my kitchen and lounge imagining I was Clyde walking through the bank. I repeated both the bank manager and clyde’s lines and mimicked their actions and it does seem that the 1 page = 1 minute rule, pretty much, works. For this script’s first page, anyway. The first page was 57 seconds, the second page….. and the third half a page …. The few remaining seconds leave me room for a title and credits.


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