161mc: Vine

i’d never heard of Vine until today and was shocked that i had been missing out on such a great catalogue of micro movies.


Here i had a go at making my own comedy remake of the film Bronson, with the help of my ten year old daughter. This is a scene, that was cut from the original film due to time constraints, of him growing his trademark mustache. As you can see the secret to making a good short animation is to use a tripod, which we obviously did not, to ensure your image does not move about the screen. I found it was a lot easier to use a stop motion app and then upload the video to vine to publish it as vine’s own recording app makes animation quite choppy and not so smooth.

I also had a few problems adding a soundtrack as it seems you need to have iTunes in order to upload any music and i have android rather than apple, but i’m sure there will be a work around that Danai or Matthew know about so I’ll ask them in the next skills session.


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