161mc: Remix – Pulp Fiction dance mash


I started this project inspired by Cassetteboy, hoping to make my own satirical, political point in just three minutes. Three HOURS later, and with just five seconds of footage completed, I am totally in awe of cassette boys skills and patience. Sitting through hours of boring footage looking for just one word or the perfect sentence is excruciating. I could no longer stand the sight of the house of commons and i now detested the sound of Jeremy Kyle‘s voice, and I’d not exactly been keen on it to begin with.

So I needed a rethink. My editing skills and the impending deadline meant I needed to simplify, and then I remembered this amazing video I had watched earlier this week.

could i do something like this?

well, i had to be realistic and not expect the above level of slickness but a more basic version could possibly be done so i started with one of my favorite movie dance sequences, Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega dancing at Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest and started looking for other films i could find that featured the twist.

here’s the end result:


Pulp Fiction – Dance Mash from tara rutledge on Vimeo.

while making my remix i needed to keep these factors in mind to ensure my project kept to the fair dealing guidelines:

  • Does using the work affect the market for the original work? If a use of a work acts as a substitute for it, causing the owner to lose revenue, then it is not likely to be fair.
  • Is the amount of the work taken reasonable and appropriate? Was it necessary to use the amount that was taken? Usually only part of a work may be used.

my remix videos would definitely not be a substitute for watching any of the original films.  my selection of clips span many eras so i hope i am bringing in a new audience for the films i used rather than acting as substitute for watching the originals. hopefully i have exposed several different audiences to a film or two they may not have discovered yet. maybe a fan of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers will wind up having their first viewing of Footloose or Pulp fiction, or a fan of Grease may have looked out The Blues Brothers film after seeing it in my remix. if so i hope they love the films as much as i do.

my remix is just a 3 minute snippet compared to most film’s 1hr 30 mins – 2hr 34 mins durations so i believe the amount of material used comes under fair dealing. i needed to make the length of footage for the dance sequence match the music but other than this requirement i tried to only use what i needed to give the impression of the characters being in the diner and then a bit of dance time each. each film probably only gets about 30 seconds of screen time each. pulp fiction a little longer as it establishes the scene and therefore should hopefully be considered ‘reasonable and appropraite’usage.


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