160mc: Burlesque Trailer

My idea for people to people is to film a documentary about a burlesque dancer and their life. My original idea was to film their performance and then to contrast it with an audio interview that explains what they do in their ‘normal’ life, if they have a day job, and their views on burlesque.

I recently read that Dita Von Teese believes that burlesque “turns the old fashioned ideas of feminism upside down”, and hits us with the surprising fact that 80% of her audience is actually female. It could be interesting to find out if our performer agrees with this and if her audience is also so predominantly female.

The people to people documentary needs to be visually appealing and i think an evening filming of a burlesque performance will fulfill that criteria. Bright lights, dark corners, sparkles, fans, feathers and dancing. The audiences reactions and maybe a little behind the scenes footage will also help.

I don’t have a particular individual in mind as yet, but i’d really like to find someone as different in everyday life as possible. Maybe someone in quite a boring, responsible job as it would be a great contrast to their night time persona. If i do manage to get someone like this it might even work well to film their two different lifestyles next to one another in a split screen effect. Leaving the house for work in the morning plays alongside leaving the house for work in the evening. Entering the office to start work behind a desk next to walking on stage in costume to perform.

500 Days of Summer split screen

I have begun looking at films that use split screen to great effect and was particularly inspired by the film (500) Days of Summer (2009) and a 1998 episode of The X-Files called Triangle. This shows present day Scully  alongside 1939 Scully as Mulder frantically searches a ship trying to find her before time runs out and the ship capsizes.

X Files Triangle split screen

As part of my pitch I have made a 30 second trailer trying to ‘sell’ my short film idea. As I don’t yet have a confirmed performer I decided to do a short history of burlesque from Gypsy Rose Lee and cabaret in the 30’s, through to Bettie Page in the mid fifties and then on to Dita Von Teese in the present day. I have used the classic striptease music The Stripper by David Rose and his Orchestra and tried to fit the dancing to the beats of the music and stopped it bluntly at the end in the hope of leaving the audience wanting more. I’m really quite pleased with the results as this is the very first thing I have ever edited. Hope you enjoy it.


burlesque trailer from tara rutledge on Vimeo.


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