task 2 – the pitch off


my elevator pitch is a film about a man who does good deeds.

we follow the man for the same five minutes of his life over four days of the week.

we see him visiting different families and helping them.

we consider the man to be good and kind and we really warm to him and admire his selflessness.

then in the last five minutes it is revealed, to the audience but no one else, that the man hasn’t actually been visiting these families doing good deeds.

he is, in fact, a serial bigamist and we have been watching him at home with his own families, all four of them.

the audience should be left questioning themselves and their judgement for trusting our main character and warming to him.

the film is meant to leave us contemplating the rights and wrongs of such a moral dilemma and the age old suggestion that ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you?’ wondering ‘how much do we really know about one another?’, outside the day to day interaction we have with them.

i’d describe it as Amelie (2001) meets The Sixth Sense (1999).

filmed in the bright style of cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel.


  • who would produce the film?  Claude Ossard
  • How will the film be funded?  Kickstarter campaign
  • What festivals would you submit to, and why?  London Film Festival, Encounters Short Film Festival. Both are BAFTA recognized festivals and feature the hottest new talent.
  • What is your market? i would say our target audience is aged approx 24-48
  • What are the comparable titles and what business did they do by territory? Amelie ‘grossed over $33 million in limited theatrical release and is still the highest-grossing French-language film released in the United States’.  Wiki

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