ne travaillez jamais


In France there is a underground political movement around the idea of never working out of necessity with Ne Travaillez Jamais graffiti’d across walls in Paris and other cities. I would love to work this into a screenplay or story. Setting it in the ‘not too distant future’ and pushing the idea to the extreme with unemployment being banded and an underground movement of Ne Travaillezers fighting against the government. Anyone caught not working would have a hand amputated using the idea of ‘The Devil makes Work for Idle Hands’ and if caught again would be killed for their ‘crimes. All workers would be fed amphetamines to make them need less sleep and be able to work an 18 hour day. 

As you’ve probably guessed my influences for the movie are Bladerunner (1982) and Gattaca (1997) But the current political climate and stories of the unemployed having to work for free or lose their benefits has also had a strong influence on my idea. Could these imaginings one day become reality?


Many thanks to the BBC for the Radio 4 programme:

Archive on 4 – Work Is a Four Letter Word – @bbcradio4

which introduced me to the Ne Travaillez Jamais ideal and started my imagination whirring.



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