fan fiction: bonnie and clyde meets gta


the pitch:

GTA gets a 1930’s gangster makeover.

starting in texas and driving to oklahoma, for the ultimate shoot out, you travel in classic cars;


the stubebaker,


the chevrolet,


the buick.

along with your gang Buck Barrow, Blanche Barrow, Raymond Hamilton, W. D. Jones, Joe Palmer,Ralph Fults, and Henry Methvin.


Tommy guns replace sawn off shotguns, fired over the sounds of louis armstrong and billie holiday playing on your very own customisable swing radio station.


the outline:

set in the 1930’s depression era we meet bonnie and clyde, desperately in love with one another and equally in love with the thrill of action and adventure. after holding up a local liquor store in texas they are soon on the run from police with their loyal gang; Buck Barrow, Blanche Barrow, Raymond Hamilton, W. D. Jones, Joe Palmer,Ralph Fults, and Henry Methvin.

through flashbacks we see the couples reasons for falling into crime. bonnie’s abusive, alcoholic mother and clyde’s family’s reputation making him a target for local law enforcement.  but these are kept brief, enough for the audience to relate to our anti-heroes but the action is of upmost importance.

the styling of the film is very suave and sexy with stunning 30’s fashion. hats, suits and spatz. dresses,cigarette holders and furs. the gang travel in classic cars; the stubebaker, the chevrolet, the buick. holding up banks and garages, driving at break neck speed and ruthlessly gunning down anyone that gets in their way.

the squeal of tyres and the firing of tommy guns ring out over the melodies of louis armstrong and billie holiday as we watch the ultimate shoot out. bonnie and clyde are finally cornered by the police in oklahoma and die courageously in a hail of bullets.

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