161mc: It takes a village to find a phone


my first thought was: ‘is what happened ethical?’ and then ‘what place/responsibility does the internet and it’s laws have in protecting people while still allowing freedom of speech’.

i think what bothered me most was that the bride was able to retrieve the information off the phone after a few days. the photos, the memories, the wedding details were all back with her so the only reason to go after sasha and the retrieval of the phone was surely bitterness over sasha’s adamant refusal to give back ivanna’s ‘property’ and the name calling that followed.

i’d be interested to learn how this affected sasha after evan and ivanna’s lives returned to normal. with her photo all over the internet i am imagining just going to the shops probably prompted a lot of hateful abuse for quite a while afterwards. is it possibly still affecting her now?

in the future i would like to make a fictional film of the event with a darker ending. with the posts stirring up a vigilante mob that eventually tracks down and kills sasha and her child, showing the power of the internet and pack mentality. how technology has advanced but we, as human beings, in many ways sadly have not.



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