162mc: fan fiction – female doctor who

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i would absolutely love to see a female Doctor Who so, for my pitch, i am proposing just that, paired with a talking animal sidekick.


here’s the pitch:

Doctor Who has been running for nearly 53 years now. 53 years! it’s the uk’s longest running fictional television series after Coronation Street and is the world’s longest running sci fi show.

over the years we’ve had many different doctors.

  1. the victorian style gentleman, with an arrogant attitude and great scientific knowledge
  2. the eccentric with his ridiculously long scarf, always ready with a jelly baby
  3. the mysterious rebel with his cool leather jacket and calm approach
  4. the young quirky doctor
  5. the mature sauve one

so, what’s next for doctor who?

yesterday was kiss a ginger day, which reminds me, we still haven’t had a red headed doctor. it looks like mr grint would definitely be happy if the bbc invited him to step into the doctor’s shoes.

but surely 2016 calls for something new, something different.

a female doctor who!

we’ve taken styling inspiration from tom baker’s doctor and switched the giant scarf for a stylish shawl, kept the hat and opted for a light raincoat making it easy for the new doctor to be able to run, fight and jump.

looking at previous companions, over the past few years they’ve all become a bit too samey, and definitely too female. bringing in way too many ‘feels’ with either rose/amy or clara constantly on the verge of death.

in a recent poll sarah jane and her sidekick K9 were voted the nations favourite doctor who companions. so what about a new spin on K9? i’m thinking a talking animal, possibly something like Lyra’s daemon in The Golden Compass (2007) maybe even mechanical under it’s fluffy exterior.

i plan to use the green room to film footage of our new doctor and edit it in with original bbc footage to make a short ‘trailer’ for the new series.

fan fiction

please click on the link above to view the pictures that accompany my presentation.


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